I love to cook!



I love to cook and share my love of cooking. It is an experience of the heart, mind and senses.
After sixty years of fine tuning how to make food taste as good as it can be, I concluded that good food comes from good ingredients. Nothing can be better than fresh, local, seasonal and, whenever possible, organic foods.
When I’m getting ready to cook, I look in my garden, my refrigerator, my freezer and my pantry. My inspiration often comes from fresh and seasonal produce as they are at their best. I source my ingredients from my own garden, surrounding farms in Mt Alexander Shire, local green grocers and Asian markets.
With the ever increasing challenges of our climate crisis, I am passionate about keeping my footprint small and in minimising my carbon contribution to our atmosphere.
With this principle in mind, my cooking classes will be plant based. In all classes I will offer suggestions on how to substitute meat in place of plant based protein. And in response to requests from previous participants, some classes will have a focus on how to use sustainable Australian fish and seafood.
The cuisine showcased will be from places throughout Southeast Asia, with occasional Japanese influences being incorporated.
During our classes we will discuss and explore the cultural implications on the ethnic groups who originally developed the dishes we explore.
All classes will be partially hands on and partially show and tell. In order to maximise your experience, classes are limited to a maximum of eight participants. This creates a class environment that is friendly, casual, interactive and intimate.



I am so excited to offer cooking classes again. During the hiatus due to COVID19 I took the time to reflect and plan on how to better hold these classes. Success to me is when participants go home and apply the information and experience from class in their own cuisines.


In addition I found a co-teacher, Carol Angove whom I greatly admire and respect. Carol tells me “My love of food started when I was very young watching my mum cook amazing food. We lived on a small farm and I grew up using fresh produce to create delicious food. I followed my passion in the 80s opening a restaurant in Castlemaine and then cafes for many years. I believe food feeds the soul; it is a way to show love and generosity through your creations. I continue to cook, explore new and exciting things and bring pleasure to my table and now team up with Duang to share with you.”


In Carol I feel like I met a sister from different parents. We share similar values especially around food; where it comes from, who grows it, what to do with it in order to bring out the best feature in that food. And best of all we both love to cook. We both cook simply and enjoy creating delicious food at the end.


Together we will share what we know and enjoy making with you in the following class:


FULLY BOOKED: 19th December 2020: Plant Based Asian Feast







Class description:

FULLY BOOKED: Plant based Asian feast:  

In this class we will make five different dishes including appetiser, mains, salads and dessert. All dishes have origins in Southeast Asia and are all vegan using as much organic, local and seasonal produce as possible. We will explore different types of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals to create a well balanced meal. We will emphasise the importance of taste, texture, colours and presentation of food.


There will be a welcome snack on arrival. We will eat as we go and enjoy lunch at the end with your beverage of choice:  wine, beer or homemade kombucha.


Date: Saturday 19th December, 10.00 am to 2:30 pm

Maximum number of attendees: eight


We will supply aprons but please wear comfortable clothes and toe covered shoes.


Cost $150/person

Produce used:


Most of the ingredients will be from surrounding farms, local, seasonal and fresh. We use organic produce whenever possible. Some ingredients will be from the garden less than 10 metres away from the kitchen.

Class and Booking Policy:​

  • Maximum number of participants = eight.

  • If too few participants have registered, the class will be cancelled with a full refund offered, or you can choose to attend one future class within twelve months from the cancellation date.

  • If you need to cancel, please do so up to one week prior to the class date; otherwise a refund will not be available.

  • Class will be cancelled on extreme weather warning days. It will be rescheduled or a full refund provided.


Other information:

  • Aprons and knives are provided in class. If you have your favourites, please bring these along.


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