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Welcome to Duang’s Cooking Classes!

I have been cooking Thai food in the USA and in Australia for over 50 years. During this time I have found ways to keep the food tasting as authentic as possible using local and seasonal ingredients. I will share with you the principle of substituting into Thai recipes what is available without having to run to an Asian grocers which, in some cases, may be far away. In other words, if you want to cook and eat Thai food, you can do so without a special trip to a big town seeking out ingredients you may not be familiar with. If you are serious about keeping Thai food in your diet, we can also discuss herbs and vegetables you can grow in your garden. 

My classes are tailored to resemble what a typical Thai meal would be. Each class starts with a snack or appetiser followed with 3 mains and rice. The 3 mains represent soup or curry, vegetables and a salad. In the class, we usually end the meal with something sweet deviating from a typical Thai meal which does not include dessert. 

We are now living in a time of broad diversity of diets. Instead of setting up a class and trying to accommodate different diets, I want to try something different. 

Get together a group of 6-8 people who share the same dietary preferences and let me know. Together we will decide on menu of the day and when to have the class. My classes usually start at 10am and finish after we have lunch together. I would prefer to finish by 3pm. I am available on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. Let me know if your group would prefer a different time frame on any of those three days. 

These are the types of diets I can accommodate: 

  • Poultry 

  • Pescatarian (seafood and fish) 

  • Vegetarian 

  • Vegan 

  • Gluten free (We can cook GF but my kitchen is not a gluten free kitchen therefore not suitable for people with
    Coeliac conditions.) 


I am unable to offer FODMAP or Coeliac diet. 

Together we can cost out how much you will spend per class. Get in touch re details when you have a group and an idea of the menu. Either call or sms at 0433 448 036 or email: 

Class will be rescheduled if there is total fire ban or Catastrophic fire warning issued. 


Aprons and knives are provided in class. If you have your favourites, please bring them along.

Wear toe covered shoes and comfortable attire.

It is best NOT to schedule another activity soon after class as quite often class goes over time limit and you are welcome to see the food garden and composting methods after class.

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